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Your financial freedom is our main focus at Kramer Financial Group. We believe that true financial freedom is having the ability to save, spend, and give your money away in a way that reflects who you are and where you are headed. We will help you identify your priorities, define your financial goals, and create an action plan to work towards pursuing these goals. Allow us to guide you towards achieving your financial goals and ultimately, your financial freedom. Welcome to Kramer Financial Group!

“The first great fact that emerges from our civilization is that today everything has become ‘means.’ There is no longer an ‘end;’ we do not know whither we are going. We have forgotten our collective ends, and we possess great means: we set huge machines in motion in order to arrive nowhere.”  Jacques Ellul

Advising clients for over 25 years, the most common financial goal our clients have is retirement.  Will I have enough to retire?  How much more do I need to save?  Am I on track?  How are my investments performing? 

It is easy to get lost in the ‘means’ so much that we forget the ‘end’.  I believe that our focus should be more on living a satisfied life now rather than living for the future. That doesn’t mean we take our sights off of the end goal.  A proper retirement plan can be the tool to help you enjoy today, having confidence that you’ll have the means to enjoy your life into retirement or whatever end you have in mind.

“The character of our work is shaped not by accomplishments or possessions but in the birth of relationships…” Eugene Peterson

To guide our clients in the stewardship of their wealth is an awesome responsibility.  We are committed to building lasting relationships of trust and support with each client, and to helping clients navigate the financial aspects of the important relationships in their lives.  We believe that you will be most satisfied with your accomplishments and possessions when you are satisfied with the most important relationships in your life. 


Serving clients for over 25 Years, Kramer Financial Group has the experience you need to guide you through your life transitions. 

Goals and Strategies

Your goals and concerns are unique. We will take all of the time needed to fully understand who you are and where you are headed before creating strategies that are tailored specifically to help you pursue your goals.


Independence is our strength not a weakness. We have nothing to sell you, but our professional services. In addition, we’ve chosen LPL Financial, the largest independent broker dealer in the country, to serve our clients’ investment and custodial needs. They help us provide you the most valuable and objective advice possible.


Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

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